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Investment vs Compensation

As a mechanic or technician you have put considerable time and effort into your trade. Tools, training, and equipment are essential, but cost money. You should be making enough to repay any debts you have accrued, and take care of your current living expenses. You will need to take into account student loans, mortgages, health care, business operating costs and more. Is your income enough to compensate you for your time?  Find out using our Profit & Loss calculator.

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Living costs and wages vary across the country. Don’t get shorted on pay just because you are uninformed. Make sure you know how much other mechanics in your area making. Don’t be afraid to negotiate for better pay, you may deserve it. Check out our wage map to get started.

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Living costs increased by an average of 45% from 2000 to 2018, and yet the average income for a mechanic has only increased by 0.8% in the same amount of time. It’s time to make a change.

Comparative cost of common items from 2000 to 2018.
20002018% Increase
Gallon of Gas $1.51 $2.8689%
F150 Pickup $20,175 $36,18579%
Gallon of Milk $2.79 $3.1613%
House $169,000 $302,00079%
Automotive Scan Tool $850 $3,500311%
 Basic Tool Box (with tools) $1,250 $3,150152%
 Uniform Rental $5/wk $9/wk80%
 Health Insurance $350/mo $1,200/mo243%
 Auto Technician Income $40,315 $40,6410.8%

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Mike Christopherson

Diagnostic Trainer

Mike has been involved with the Automotive Industry for 30 years. In 2008 he went to work with Bosch Automotive Aftermarket. In this role he worked with automotive diagnostic tools. In working with them he grew to love working with OEM and aftermarket scan tools, labscopes and meters.

When the contract with Bosch ceased, he went to work for Dorman Products. He worked with the R&D team. From Dorman Products he went to work with JS Products. There he worked with R&D and worked as a trainer. There he recertified in ASE tests and became a TIA advanced tire trainer.

Mike is a Dual Master ASE Technician. He has his Master in Automotive and Med / Heavy Truck. He also has his L1, L2, L3 Advanced Certifications.
Today Mike works with shops in training, diagnostics and computer programming.

"I have worked in the Automotive Industry almost all my life. My passion for this industry bleeds through. Even when dressed up I can't help but get involved when a shop is having trouble diagnosing or repairing a vehicle. I have guys tell me to put on my coveralls and get to work. I can truly say that I have found a way to express my passion for tools."


Marvin Ray

Shop owner and trainer 38+ years

Experience ranges from owning repair shops to role playing in the classroom with hands on training in the field.

Marvin has trained thousands of owners and their employees new diagnostic and repair technology along with building shop efficiency and customer satisfaction.

He has been recognized with many awards during his career winning Concept to Company Crowd PITCH "Shark Tank" style event . Awards for PowerPoint & Speaking Presentations. He has written two books - The Future Without Diagnostic Equipment & When You Don't See Eye To Eye With Your Mechanic.

Successes include creating franchisee training for over 500 stores to building a better life style for independently run repair shops. He currently is the boots on the ground for franchisees in national & international locations.

Utah Department of Transportation
Wyoming Department of Transportation
California Department of Transportation
New Mexico Department of Transportation
Firestone, Goodyear, American Car Care Centers
Vocational Center Students
New Car Automotive Dealerships
Independent Repair Shops
Napa Auto Parts
Snap-on Tools
Big O Tires
Grease Monkey Intl.

Colleagues know him as a highly creative trainer who can motivate employees at all levels always staying current and using new approaches. Marvin believes customers in business come first. By coaching those with a passion to serve together we build a stronger consumer base and better place of business.

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