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What is Mechanics Alliance?

In the 1960s mechanics made 45-50% of labor & a percentage of parts. It is now 2020 & mechanics make less than 28% of labor with no percentage of parts. The knowledge required today is a hundredfold of that in the 1960s. Today’s mechanic is generally required to provide the scan tool, lab scope & hand tools to do the job correctly. This 28% or less does not come close to helping with the thousands of dollars a skilled mechanic spends yearly on tools or to pay for personal/family insurance that increases yearly. Are we wrong? Of course not!

This does not need to happen anymore. By coming together as a group, we are creating a voice & the recognition that you deserve, nationwide. We know your busy, trying to get the car done & out of the bay. Raising a family, building a project. Join us and let us be your voice.

Mechanic Alliance Is building a better life for mechanics every day.

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Becoming an approved vendor

We are always looking for Approved Vendors who want to become involved with the over 800,000 automotive technicians across the nation. We allow only one spot per Approved Vendor nationally or regionally.

Mechanics checking fluids

We have over 120 years of combined experience in the industry

We offer an array of experienced support to mechanics all around America. Get to know the team here at Mechanics Alliance by reading detailed bio’s of each of our staff.



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