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By signing up to be a member of Mechanic Alliance you are on the right track to unlocking tons of resources and information that will help you grow for yourself, your family or your business.


Our members achieve 112%-117%  diagnostic and mechanical repair efficiency. We have done this for decades, it’s now time to share our processes with you. Become a Premium Member to get start with your 1-1 Coaching/Evaluation. 

Our team has over 120 years combined experience; from being a mechanic, to running independent repair shops to managing or training thousands of franchises nationally.



Why partner with mechanic alliance?

*The Mechanics Advocate for Better Wages*

  Have you ever felt like leaving your job, like a 10mm socket leaves you? Your employer will not pay you what you are worth, but you stay anyway… Why do we do this to ourselves? Maybe we do not know how to leave. Maybe we think this is as good as it gets. Maybe we figure it is a job, so we do not rock the boat. Maybe we just believe this is all I can do. 

    We understand and acknowledge the need to help mechanics who give their heart and soul to an industry which chooses to give only a pittance of what is deserved for our skills, talent, experience, and a lifetime investment in tools and equipment.

     This movement is already building exponentially, but we need your help.  Supporting Mechanics Alliance will bring higher wages, respect, and the dignity we deserve.  This Alliance will not bind you down or limit your success but will help you rise to the highest levels of achievement!  It is time to get paid what we are worth!

     With your support, Mechanics Alliance is going to rip down the glass ceiling this industry-built decades ago, and we will be here for you.  Thank you for choosing to support Mechanics Alliance, yourselves, and every dedicated, passionate person in this industry.

 Yours to count on,

 Mechanics Alliance


Keely Hawk

Reds Auto Express

After starting my own service business, the guys at Mechanic Alliance
have given me business pointers to market and grow my business.
Thank you!


Mechanics Alliance is a must if you want to know how to get ahead in the mechanics world. They help you stay on top of your game in the fastpaced world of mechanics, with helpful modules and resouces to learn! Thank you Mechanic Alliance!



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