Mechanic Alliance Mission Statement
We are committed to Mechanics, Technicians, Repair People, of all forms in the transportation industry. 

Our industry is one of high demand and requires high skills combined with hard work. We recognize this and strive to elevate those in our industry to a higher level of respect as practitioners of a true Craft. 

Our goal is that every Mechanic knows their value and works for a business that has integrity to its customers and its employees. We achieve these goals through Mentorship, Training and Education, Job Placement, and Worldwide networking. 

Our members span the globe, and through this vast accumulation of centuries of knowledge and experience we are able to recognize the problems in our industry and help meet the needs of our members wherever they may be both geographically and in their current career path. Our number #1 goal is to make you successful.

Join the movement here and on Facebook that is helping mechanics and technicians make the money they deserve and live their best life! Mechanics helping Mechanics.
August 10-12, 2023 Mechanic Alliance will be holding its first Training & Development Conference. It will be held at the Southern Illinois University Automotive Center in Murphysboro, IL one of the few Baccalaureate Universities left in America with an Automotive program!

Classes presented:
  • ADAS 
  • EV Training
  • Circuit Testing
  • Diagnostics and Advanced testing
  • Diesel Training
  • 5 Gas Analyzer
  • Heavy Duty Diagnostics 
  • Mastermind Meetings
    • Owners Shop Problems
    • Talent Acquisition 
Our top vendor list is growing daily, currently we have SIU, TopDon, 
DYVO Electrical Test Equipment, Noregon, Master Automotive Training.
See more of our vendors HERE!