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Mechanics Alliance

Leaders In America’s Auto Industry

We’re Changing the game for…

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Where mechanics come to take care of themselves and their families.

We know you work hard, and that this industry can kick your butt. Let us show you our appreciation and support with:

  • One on One Coaching and Training
  • On the Job Training (OJT)
  • Help Starting Your Own Business
  • Our Mentoring Program
  • Thousands of Dollars of Discounts


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For years shop owners have been handing us hundreds to thousands of dollars with the comment “This is for you if you find me a good mechanic.” The time has come for us to do just that. Let’s get started with:

    • Finding you a Top Mechanic*
    • Getting you a Top Mechanic from Our Mentor or (OTJ) Program
    • Saving You and Your Family Thousands of Dollars in Discounts

    *Must meet our criteria


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There’s no better service you can get than from a Mechanics Alliance member who specializes in servicing your specific car, model and engine. We’ll connect you with mechanics nationally that are the best for your vehicle to ensure quality service. Join the alliance for FREE and get connected with them today.


What is Mechanics Alliance?

Half of entry level mechanics are leaving our industry within two years. Why? First off, they have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to provide a career for themselves. With a minimal return.

We are changing how entry level mechanics work together with owners in the automotive industry. Statistics are showing that On-The Job Training (OJT) is more productive and the best way to learn knowledge and skills. This is your chance to learn from the masters that have been doing this for decades.

Shop owners are likewise looking for skilled mechanics every day. They are spending thousands of dollars to find you. We will set you up with a shop owner who values your skills.

Are you looking to start your own business? Do you need help with a current business? We have your back! Over 300 years of experience in the industry. We know a thing or two about the automotive industry.

Get started, Join Today!

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Help Aspiring Mechanics

We are constantly contributing to helping fellow mechanics, owners, and consumers in the industry. Visit our scholarship page to learn more and find out how to get involved !

Meet the team

We offer an array of experienced support to mechanics all around America. Get to know the team here at Mechanics Alliance by reading detailed bio’s of each of our staff.

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Becoming an approved vendor

We are always looking for Approved Vendors who want to become involved with the over 800,000 automotive technicians across the nation. We allow only one spot per Approved Vendor nationally or regionally.

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