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Make More Money

Make More Money

A number of different eduational training modules to help you advance your skills and knowledge to get you paid

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Start Your Own Business

Mechanic Alliance has the tools and tips you need in order to start your own business. Fire the boss! Be the boss!

What Our Customers Say About Mechanic Alliance

“I have been in the Auto Industry all my career and the level of support and attention to detail that I have received from Mechanic Alliance far surpasses any support from any employer or organization I’ve belonged to. I would recommend Mechanic Alliance to all techs whether they are new or veteran Technicians.”
– M. Blackburn Technician

The Mechanics Advocate

Mechanic Alliance is North America’s ONLY company that specializes in helping mechanics achieve a better way of life for themselves and their families. We are not a Union, we are like that of an association. 

We have been helping mechanics and auto repair shops for the past 24 years. Our service and reputation is well respected by those mechanics and owners that know us. We are the eyes and ears for mechanics. Like sports agents, we know how to help when a change is needed. It’s our business to know exactly how to make a mechanics life better.

We know that to be successful no amount of planning, investment or goals can ever be achieved without the right people in place. Just like in a successful repair shop. Whether you are looking for a raise, cleaning up a resume, ready to open your own business or sell your shop let us help you reach your goals.

We won’t bind you down or limit your success, we will help you rise to the highest levels of achievement!  It’s time to get paid what you are worth!

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