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Where technicians come to take care of themselves and their families.

Until now you have been considered last, yet you are who keeps America running flawlessly. We want to make sure you and your family are compensated properly in your region for pay and provide you with personal / family benefits. We likewise know shop owners who appreciate their technicians and take care of them, let us try to hook you up. Join the alliance and get connected today.



As a shop owner you know the value of having great technicians. We can connect you with the best technicians in the business who are eager to work with owners who desire to succeed. We want to help your business be the best it can be. Join the alliance and get connected with the best resources available in the industry.



There’s no better service you can get than from a Mechanics Alliance member who specializes in servicing your specific car, model and engine. We’ll connect you with mechanics nationally that are the best for your vehicle to ensure quality service. Join the alliance for FREE and get connected with them today.


What is Mechanics Alliance?

It’s 2019 and technician pay is not even close to where it should be, neither is shop labor rates. For decades you have been considered last, it’s time you become first. This industry doesn’t happen without you, own it!

True shop owners understand the need for talented technicians. They are knocking down doors to find you.

Our Technician Economy is taking over everywhere in America. We’ve all been waiting for this to happen for decades. It’s time to change how technicians work together in the automotive industry.

Mechanics Alliance is here to work with you in bettering wages by first bringing it to the front page and getting the attention it deserves. Then linking you up with shop owners who desire your expertise.

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See the Difference?

Lube Technicians

  1. In the heat/cold
  2. Stuck in a pit all day
  3. On their feet all day
  4. Dirty job, dirt on hands and arms
  5. Snow and dirt dripping in their face
  6. Receives bruises, burns, cuts and scrapes
  7. Hot oil running down their arms
  8. Responsible for costly engines/drive-trains
  9. Must have mechanical aptitude

Fast food workers:

  1. In doors air condition/heat
  2. On their feet all day
  3. Burns (fryer or hot food prep cooking)
  4. Work with customers
  5. Prepares dining areas
  6. Ensure quality control and cleaning

Meet the team

We offer an array of experienced support to mechanics all around America. Get to know the team here at Mechanics Alliance by reading detailed bio’s of each of our staff.

Becoming an approved vendor

We are always looking for Approved Vendors who want to become involved with the over 800,000 automotive technicians across the nation. We allow only one spot per Approved Vendor nationally or regionally.



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