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Helping automotive mechanics earn the wages, respect, and opportunities they deserve.

Mechanics Alliance

Mechanics Alliance Co-op LLC was started to help mechanics make the wages and benefits they deserve or help them start/buy their own repair shop. Making 28% or less of todays labor rate is criminal. Todays mechanics supply more than ever in tools ($38,000 +) and knowledge for the business owner without any additional compensation, this is wrong. 

We’ve done the time! It’s now our time to give back to the industry. With our help you can keep doing what you love to do “turning wrenches”. We help and support our members with short, to-the-point Training Modules, One-on-One Coaching along with Business Management help so that our members stay successful. We have helped thousands of mechanics and shop owners build a better living for themselves and their families. Our team would be honored in helping you. Join today — and let’s get started on your brighter future.

Thanks for your time.
– Marvin Ray | Shop Owner and Trainer 40+years



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