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Approved Vendor

Only One Per Industry

We serve our members in a variety of important ways.

From helping the over 800,000 automotive technicians that bust their knuckles daily with snow dripping in their faces to working in temperatures at 100+ to provide for themselves or their families.

We provide access to a P&L that can be used weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly for our technicians to see what there “Pay Grade A-F.” We support our technicians with programs that helps them, and their families save money and enjoy the finer things of life. We also support placement if desired into repair shops where our technicians are honored and paid for the hard work they perform.

We support the over 175,000 auto repair businesses that may be looking for talented technicians by bringing our technicians into their businesses and driving the caliber of customer to them that understands what it takes to properly repair today’s vehicles.

Platinum Plus – Exclusive Per Product: National

Gold: Regional / 38,000,000 people per region

Silver: Specific County $1,250.00 per year / 3007 counties nationally

Bronze: Local (5-mile radius of business) $750.00 per year

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