MA certified mechanic™

Fire the boss!

What could mechanics learn from barbers? We will get to that, but first…

It is way past time for mechanics to control the automotive repair industry. We were just in talks with a mechanic that is 53 years old, he has been in the automotive industry his entire life and is making $18 on flat rate ($37,000 per year). His shop charges $120, leaving the shop with $212,160 + parts margins per year, per mechanic for expenses. This nothing short of criminal.

Do mechanics have a choice to work somewhere else? Yes, just like this mechanic the choice is partnering with Mechanic Alliance.

MA Certified Mechanics™ receive 50% of labor, 50% of parts margins and 50% of shop supplies. You now have the opportunity of an ownership program that empowers you while letting you do exactly what you love to do… work on cars.

How can that be done? Think about a barber, he rents his own space, runs his own business while writing off all his expenses. Just like a barber MA Certified Mechanics™ are provided the same business format. Our program is a win for the mechanic and the retiring owner.

Now is the time to seize the opportunity. *Fire the Boss* — *BE the Boss* with MA Certified Mechanic™.

Sign up open as a Certified Mechanic, open our Coaching Portal and get started.



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