“You can only benefit from Mechanic Alliance and what they do for us in this industry.”

A Lambert – My Certified Territory Owner Roanoke, VA

Partnering Mechanics With Repair Shops

Our industry spends millions of dollars a year looking for ways to find a good mechanic. The answer is simple, “pay them.”

MECHANICS – As a mechanic you have two choices for financial survival, start getting 50% of labor and parts margins or start your own business. Getting paid anything less than 50% of labor today is criminal.

If you are ready for that change sign up as a Premium Member. Our program helps mechanics make over $100,000 per year with business advantages like writing off their tool investment and much more. “Mechanic Alliance is a must if you want to get ahead in the mechanics world” – Matthew Las Vegas, NV

SHOP OWNERS – You have spent thousands of dollars to find a good mechanic, how has that worked out?

Let us show you how you can make money renting a bay in your shop while getting 50% of the mechanics labor and not be responsible withholdings, taxes etc, make great profit with less hassle and spend more time doing the things you want to do. “The guys at Mechanic Alliance have given me business pointers to market and grow my business. Thank you!” – Reds Auto Express, Henderson, KY

We are the leaders in getting mechanics higher wages, our service and reputation are well respected by those mechanics and shop owners that know us. It’s our business to help you become successful.

  • We have been in the automotive industry for 40+ years.
  • Owned and operated 5 repair shops – one strictly diagnostics.
  • Snap-on Tools Tech Rep.
  • Trained shop owners and mechanics for 14 years with National Automotive Diagnostic Institute of Training.
  • Headed up the national training programs for Big O Tires and Grease Monkey Intl.


“Mechanic Alliance continues to come through for me.  For years I thought opening a shop was a “5-year goal” that never got any closer. 

With M.A., it’s become more of a reality in the last 5 months than it did in the previous ten years of talking about it. They’ve given me insight for what steps to take, they have gone over my business plans, put me in touch with tax specialists, tool and business insurance, and a whole lot more; and with all of that they continue to support me in opening my own business to take care of people’s vehicles and make a better life for my family. 

I’ve been on countless calls with them, from letting me know what steps I need to take next, to even talking me away from that ledge of uncertainty.  I’m one to get into my head at times.  “Am I good enough?  Is it even worth it?”  I know these aren’t based in logic, but fear, and even with things like that, Marvin and Dave don’t hesitate to get on the horn and help me through whatever aspect of this business I’ve needed.  I am currently beginning advertising and scheduling jobs with customers, and the gears of my business are actually turning!

You can only benefit from Mechanic Alliance and what they do for us in this industry.” – Andre Lambert