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Fire the boss?

My Certified Mechanic™ is looking to work with over 500 qualified mechanics in locations across the country. And, My Certified Mechanic™ is seeking candidates RIGHT NOW, to work in our new, Washington County, UT location.

If you are a good mechanic, you have probably been unhappy in your job for a while. Now, in these uncertain economic times, perhaps even more so. Why does flat-rate benefit the shop more than the mechanic? Well, it shouldn’t. That’s why you are unhappy.

Most good mechanics dream of owning their own shop, and getting a bigger slice of the pie. Then again, most good mechanics would rather fix cars than run a business. Your boss knows that, and that’s why you aren’t earning what you are worth. Now is your opportunity. *Fire the Boss* — *BE the Boss*! My CertifiedMechanic has the solution for you and your family.

For less than the cost of a new pickup truck, you can own your own brick and mortar automotive repair business, without all the hassles associated with running that business. Interested?

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