My Certified Mechanic


My Certified Mechanic

Start your own business today. At $85+ per hour you can make your current take home wage in less than 18 billable hours of work per week. Add on parts margins and shop supplies that’s over $90,000 per year.

All you need is the desire and tools to get your business setup properly; we will train and help you with the rest. Are you a current business owner ready to retire, let us help. We have top notch mechanics that would love to be part of that transition. Got 15 minutes? Let’s Chat!

Here’s the great news, it’s your business, fueled, trained and supported by My Certified Mechanic. With your knowledge and our support, you will be controlling your future. As a group we provide many benefits for you and your business like that of Health Share, Health Insurance, Tool Insurance, Business Insurance, Attorneys, Business Support, Tax Support, Technical Support and much more.

Mechanics in VA, GA, CA, MD, TX, ID, MN, WI, UT, TN, NC, SC are making the move. Let’s get you started!

What we do:

  • Set you up with a territory
  • Remove the headaches of running a business
  • Guide you through the proper setup of your business
  • Assist in putting a business plan together
  • Help acquire funds if necessary
  • Help build your customer base
  • Support you with business and technical training
  • Help with the day-to-day business aspects, reports etc.
  • Set labor rates, parts margins and shop supply percentages
  • Assist with scheduling
  • Provide phone support

We have been helping mechanics and repair shops for the past 24 years in diagnostic and business efficiency training. We are the leaders in mobile diagnostics, our service and reputation are well respected by those mechanics and shop owners that know us. It’s our business to help your business become successful.

Few facts about us:

• We have been in the automotive industry for 40+ years.
• Owned and operated 5 repair shops – one of which was strictly diagnostics.
• Trained shop owners and mechanics for 14 years with National Automotive Diagnostic Institute of Training.
• Headed up the national training programs for Big O Tires and Grease Monkey Intl.

Your success is our success. We won’t bind you down or limit your success, we will help you rise to the highest levels of achievement! It’s time to get paid what you are worth! Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Yours to count on,

My Certified Mechanic

Become a Business Owner

One-time payment of only $45 reserves your territory and a one hour meeting with Dave and Marvin. Sign up today.