Platinum 500 Sponsorship

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  • 1 of 500 Personalized 10mm Found It!! Piston Plaques
  • Your Name and Production Number Inscribed
  • Not Giving Up On My Dreams T-shirt
  • 1 Year Certified Mechanic Membership
  • Mechanic Alliance Keychain
  • Mechanic Alliance Stickers
  • $182 Value, Only 500 Made

    We need your help…

    We started this movement just months ago, it was two guys with the idea of giving back to the automotive industry. Your response has been overwhelming, and more than we could have ever imagined. We receive countless thank you e-mails and much continued support on a daily basis. This is the Alliance that is coming on strong!

    We understand and acknowledge the need to help mechanics who give their heart and soul to an industry which chooses to give only a pittance of what is deserved for our skills, talent, experience, and a lifetime investment in tools and equipment.

    This movement is already building exponentially, but we need your help. Supporting Mechanics Alliance will bring higher wages, respect, and the dignity we deserve. This Alliance will not bind you down or limit your success but will help you rise to the highest levels of achievement! It is time to get paid what we are worth!

    Please subscribe to our Platinum 500 Sponsorship, and together we will make this industry a better place for all of us. In exchange for your sponsorship we have put together the Thank You package below. With your support, Mechanics Alliance is going to rip down the glass ceiling this industry-built decades ago, and we will be here for you. Thank you for choosing to support Mechanics Alliance, yourselves, and every dedicated, passionate person in this industry.

    Yours to count on,

    Mechanics Alliance

    We are breaking the Platinum 500 Sponsorship mold once 500 are sold. Get yours today!  



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