1 year program




$2,200 – One Year Mentoring Package (48 hours of coaching)

1 Hour Free Consultation – Lets see where you are with your career and where you want to be as a technician or successful business owner.
48 weekly one hour mentoring consultations to help with:
– Where you have been
– Where you currently are
– Where you want to be

We will start to build a plan for:
– Workflow – building time efficiency
– Resources – provide additional resources if needed for self study
– Provide check points

This plan is a jumping off point towards building a better life for you and your family.

Disclaimer – We will be honest with you every step of the way. If we see after some time that you are not truly vested in making changes in your business we will cut you lose and refund the unused portion of your fee. We take what we do seriously.

We know what it takes to succeed. We were on the ride up with Big O Tires and Grease Monkey Intl. Both started with a little over 300 stores and when we left they were over 500 stores each.

It takes the right people on a team to become successful. Do you currently have that team? We will help you find and develop that team. We want you to become a shop owner who runs their business, not being run by their business.

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