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A+ Mechanic Program

$85.00 / month


A+ Mechanic Program – $85* per month


Build that high revving, high torque career you deserve.
18 total hours (1.5 hours per month program) preparing you for a higher wage or to own your own Certified Mechanic Business.


  • Design your personal program
  • Structure your current workflow
  • Increase efficiency with check points
  • Provide you with resources for success
  • Prep you for that raise you deserve or help finding another shop
  • Start getting things lined up to open your own Certified Mechanic Business

We are with you every step of the way. It is now your time to shine and capture a better life as a mechanic for you and your family.

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*Yearly agreement
We will be honest with you every step of the way. If together we feel you are cut out for owning a business, we will help you achieve that goal with a high average of success. If together we feel you would make a fantastic A+ Mechanic/Service Writer or Manager, we will likewise help you into that arena with a high rate of pay.