Today’s Technician

It’s 2019 and technician pay is not even close to where it should be, neither is shop labor rates. For decades you have been considered last, it’s time you become first. This industry doesn’t happen without you, own it!

True shop owners understand the need for talented technicians. They are knocking down doors to find you.

Our Technician Economy is taking over everywhere in America. We’ve all been waiting for this to happen for decades. It’s time to change how technicians work together in the automotive industry.

We work with you in bettering wages by first bringing it to the front page and getting the attention it deserves. Then linking you up with shop owners who desire your expertise.

What industry do you know that requires the employee to spend thousands of dollars in tools and equipment to provide a job for themselves and their family?

Our top owners are paying their technicians much more than the “standard” 25% of a $125 per hour labor rate. They understand who pays the monthly hand tool payment. They get who is paying for hand held Diagnostic Equipment. They love that their technicians are studying yearly to stay on top of an ever changing industry. They understand who keeps the customers coming back because of their expertise. They want you!

Business owners have a Profit and Loss Statement, what’s your Profit & Loss Statement? Fill it out, if it doesn’t make you cry then you don’t need us.

Together in business we are making a change.

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We need your help, please fill out the following. We will compile and share our results monthly.  If there is something else you would like us to ask technicians add it to the comment section.

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